What to Expect

If you, or someone you know, are feeling hopeless, anxious, angry, or depressed because of experiencing intimate partner violence, individual counseling can help you receive support following a new path to a healthier life. 


  • Brief or Short-term Individual Counseling (12-16 sessions)
  • Coping with Loss, Grief, and Separation
  • Managing Depression and Anxiety
  • Anger Management Strategies
  • Dynamics of Abuse and Trauma
  • Boundary Setting
  • Social and Communication Skills 

 If interested in receiving confidential counseling services at no cost, please call First Step at (540) 434-0295. 


As the Domestic Violence Counselor, Brendaly Nieves Santiago is passionate about helping victims/survivors of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. She has honed her skills working in therapeutic settings with various populations in Harrisonburg Rockingham County. 

Brendaly uses evidence-based treatment practices to ensure high-quality patient care, including assessing clinical needs and building a collaborative environment. She specializes in working with men and women experiencing negative life stressors influencing their decision-making, such as change in living condition, dismissal from work, and marital separation. Brendaly believes that the client is the expert on his or her own life and uses therapeutic approaches for working with clients.

Brendaly has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Masters in Social Work, and is under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia. Brendaly believes in enhancing your well-being through effective counseling. Domestic violence is an issue affecting people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels; therefore, Brendaly will help you get to the root of the problem and overcome adversity.