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VBS Mortgage
VBS wanted to grow site traffic by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the hope of converting more leads to mortgage sales.

The design is built utilizing bootstrap technology in a responsive template. (It is common practice in web today to use a base template for a library of responsive code snippets and style classes.) The branding colors were enhanced to make it more appealing to the eye. The color contrasts better on different backgrounds.

We implemented the design on ExpressionEngine CMS for the main website. ExpressionEngine works on a clean slate template system to minimize page load speed. Hubspot is used for the blog subdomain. The brand carries over the domains in the style colors and the header and footer layouts. Additionally we implemented site caching, which creates static files on the server to minimize querying the database multiple times to build pages on the fly. The system automatically updates the flat files whenever a change is made through the CMS. Also, the CMS updates these files every hour in case of any other changes.

Google’s web performance tool, called Page Speed Insights, provides recommendations that make the site load faster and rank better in the eyes of Google. During the site redesign, we were able to improve the score, boosting the site from 44 on the desktop to a 100 out of a 100-point scale! The mobile version also received a 100 out of 100.

VBS grew their new visitors to the site by 57% and saw an increase in mobile visitors by 52%.

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